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After our last post, we received a comment regarding the lack of attention to the ideals and expectations placed on men in our society. This person asked if males “[did] not matter because they lack the ‘correct’ genitalia?”
That was never the message we intended to send. While this particular website’s focus is on the representation of women in the media, that does not mean we do not notice or care about the struggles that men face. We hope that this video and the project that it stands for helps to bring to light both sides of the fight against archaic standards for gender behavior.


Toronto Dove  Self-Esteem Campaign

“Does gender bias still exist? If the answer is no, then why is it that women who take charge tend to be called bossy, whereas men who do the same is just doing his job as a boss? Or why is it that when mothers are passionate about their career, they tend to be seen as selfish, while working dads are dedicated? It is also quite startling that a recent study said 70% of men feel that women need to downplay their personality in order to be accepted.

According to the 2013 Global Gender Gap Report, the Philippines ranks number 5 in gender equality. But a survey by the social news network, Rappler, revealed that gender bias is still very much prevalent. One thought-provoking statistic showed that 77% of males and 66% of females believe that men deserve employment more than women — clearly reinforcing that bias exists in the workplace. Research findings show that both genders have prejudices and are prejudiced against.

Pantene, a brand that stands for empowering women to shine boldly, highlighted the issue of double standards and the culture of inequality that people have come to accept as the norm. Although initially approached from a local standpoint, the campaign resonated to the global market, recognizing an idea that was inspired by a hard-hitting reality that every woman faces.

Thus, #WhipIt was created. Urging women to leave labels behind, and be strong and shine.

Learn more about the movement and join the conversation here:

Aerie's Unretouched Ads 'Challenge Supermodel Standards' For Young Women

This is a trailer for the film that inspired us to focus on this movement. Visit the website for more information way to join the movement.

This project began as a group assignment for a media literacy class. The three members of our group have always been passionate about women’s rights and are eager to start making a difference. Our goal is to raise awareness about how women are being represented in television, film, magazines, and the media in general. We plan to expose how the media often forces shallow, limited archetypes on to women, as well as celebrate portrayals of women as multidimensional, strong, and unique individuals. On this website, the three of us will post our original thoughts and offer critiques of links, pictures, and videos we come across on other sites that relate to this topic. Follow us and help change the way the world sees women!