“Women Earn the Most in This Industry, Except When Men…” -Maggie Freleng

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Vitamin W posted this article discussing the one industry in which women make more than their male counterparts: the sex industry. There are many society stigmas that come with being a in the sex industry and while the pay may be better for women, it compensates for the stereotypes we have for women who choose to be employed in that field. Women tend to be looked at as desperate, immoral, whores; meanwhile it is either laughed off when a man is part of the industry or just not talked about. The area where the pay differs is in gay porn. Freleng says, “Female on female porn, particularly for the hetro-male gaze, is so widely accepted and desired that it doesn’t need to pay exceptionally high. In fact, it pays less for most women than doing heterosexual porn. Yet gay porn makers basically have to entice male porn stars with exceptional pay to get them to do gay porn.” This creates a conflict for me and I’m sure many other feminists: it’s refreshing to see a field where women earn more for a change, but that field does a lot to fuel misogynistic views towards women and their sexuality.

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