This project began as a class assignment to form groups and focus on one social justice cause. The three founders of this site immediately chose women, specifically their representation in our media today. Our goal is to raise awareness and create a focus on how women and even girls are being represented in mediums such as television and film. We plan on celebrating the good and seeing what can be done to fix the bad. There will be original posts with thoughts and critiques by the three of us as well as shared links, pictures, and videos we come across on other sites. Women aren’t the limited archetypes they seem to be limited to in the majority of the media representation.Help us make media show women as the multidimensional, strong, and unique individuals they are.

  1. Hi I’m with the Women’s Media Center and we’re the organization behind the Name It. Change It. research and the infographic you posted. Would be interested in hear more about this class.

    • The class is called Media Literacy, we learn about ways to examine media more thoroughly in our media drenched society. The professor came up with this semester project in which we were to form groups and pick a social justice cause that we were passionate about. We needed to form a website or blog that would serve as a hub for our particular cause through videos, images, articles, and links to other websites,

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