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Media Literacy 101

This post is particuraly relevant for our us, as we started the blog for our Media Literacy class. This article from Everyday Feminism stresses the importance of being Media Literate. You may be afraid to come off as “that friend” who has to ruin for everyody by pointing out sexist and problematic aspects in ads and movies, but it’s important that people know what they’re consuming.

Melissa A. Fabello offers 5 new points for improvement in the Body-Positive movement and discusses her reasoning. Fabello whole-heartedly supports the movement and uses this article to add ways that the movement can become more inclusive and realistic. Her critique suggests “deconstructing beauty as valuable”, focusing on being “more than just a body”, “diversifying the discussion”, working with others using “more coaching, less pushing”, and working on “prevention as well as intervention”. I agree that all of these points are absolutely necessary if the campaign is to gain ground more universally with every race, gender, body type, sexuality, and so on. The Body- Positive Movement has direct connections to every form of our media. We get our conventional ideas of beauty from media and this movement has taken hold through media. It is important that we finally use media as a tool to help body image issues instead of as a tool to fuel them.

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