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A History od Women In Animation

Animation has for years been a ‘boys club’. Women have found it difficult to break through into the industry. Carrie Tupper on Mary Sue wrote an article about some of the first women to join this boy’s club, which can be read here:

Part Two profiles some of the prominent modern women working in the animation industry. Often on this blog we discuss the lack of women behind the scenes in Televison and Film, so it is always nice to see women who are succeeding in this tough field.


Black Widow Unable to Break Hollywood’s Glass Ceiling

even, female, superheroes, are, unable, to, break, the, glass, ceiling, in, hollywood,

Black Widow is a significant female superhero appearing in multiple Marvel movies, but she always plays a supporting role, is particuraly sexualized, and can’t ever fight characters with powers because she lacks them. There are male characters who have these chracteristics as well, but not in the same numbers as female superheroes. Noah Gittell’s article on Policy Mic explores this ongoing issue.

Women and Minority Writers Losing Ground in Film

Women and minority writers employment is declining in the film industry, while white males salaries are increasing. In television however women and minorities are making small gains, though they are still no where near there white male counterparts.

This is a trailer for the film that inspired us to focus on this movement. Visit the website for more information way to join the movement.