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A History od Women In Animation

Animation has for years been a ‘boys club’. Women have found it difficult to break through into the industry. Carrie Tupper on Mary Sue wrote an article about some of the first women to join this boy’s club, which can be read here:

Part Two profiles some of the prominent modern women working in the animation industry. Often on this blog we discuss the lack of women behind the scenes in Televison and Film, so it is always nice to see women who are succeeding in this tough field.

A major part of achieving equality is having a government that actually represents our country’s demographics. In our country 51% of citizens are women, but only 19% of congress and 20% of the senate. Elections are the platform for changing those factors, but this graphic based on research by Name it. Change it., shows that our media and its treatment of female candidates impacts the elections negatively for women.

Videos like this are important and when they go as viral as this one did, it sparks conversation. The news media outlets are forced to talk about it and through those outlets older demographics that don’t spend as much time online are exposed to the themes and shocking revelations that it presents. Anything that rips off the blinders we often wear in order to live a more comfortable life of naive bliss is good.

This is a trailer for the film that inspired us to focus on this movement. Visit the website for more information way to join the movement.

This project began as a group assignment for a media literacy class. The three members of our group have always been passionate about women’s rights and are eager to start making a difference. Our goal is to raise awareness about how women are being represented in television, film, magazines, and the media in general. We plan to expose how the media often forces shallow, limited archetypes on to women, as well as celebrate portrayals of women as multidimensional, strong, and unique individuals. On this website, the three of us will post our original thoughts and offer critiques of links, pictures, and videos we come across on other sites that relate to this topic. Follow us and help change the way the world sees women!