A History od Women In Animation

Animation has for years been a ‘boys club’. Women have found it difficult to break through into the industry. Carrie Tupper on Mary Sue wrote an article about some of the first women to join this boy’s club, which can be read here:http://www.themarysue.com/history-women-in-animation/

Part Two profiles some of the prominent modern women working in the animation industry. Often on this blog we discuss the lack of women behind the scenes in Televison and Film, so it is always nice to see women who are succeeding in this tough field.


Cinderella Ate My Daughter Book Review

This is my essay on Peggy Orenstein’s book, Cinderella Ate My Daughter. The book examines the pink/blue dichotomy that boys and girls face, toddler beauty pageants, and how an obssession with anything pretty and princess affects young girls.- Andrea

Black Widow Unable to Break Hollywood’s Glass Ceiling

even, female, superheroes, are, unable, to, break, the, glass, ceiling, in, hollywood,

Black Widow is a significant female superhero appearing in multiple Marvel movies, but she always plays a supporting role, is particuraly sexualized, and can’t ever fight characters with powers because she lacks them. There are male characters who have these chracteristics as well, but not in the same numbers as female superheroes. Noah Gittell’s article on Policy Mic explores this ongoing issue.

The Illusionists



The Illusionists is an upcoming documentary examining the effects of the globalization of media on cultures around the world, and how Western bodies and facial features are becoming the equivalence of modernity.

Orange is The New Black Cast

Orange Is the New Black Season 2

The trailer for Season 2 of Orange is The black is out. This original netflix show features a primarily female cast. It’s highly reccommended fro anyone who wants to see a diverse representation of women in the media. Season 2 comes out on Netflix June 6th!

Media Literacy 101

This post is particuraly relevant for our us, as we started the blog for our Media Literacy class. This article from Everyday Feminism stresses the importance of being Media Literate. You may be afraid to come off as “that friend” who has to ruin for everyody by pointing out sexist and problematic aspects in ads and movies, but it’s important that people know what they’re consuming.

Women and Minority Writers Losing Ground in Film


Women and minority writers employment is declining in the film industry, while white males salaries are increasing. In television however women and minorities are making small gains, though they are still no where near there white male counterparts.


Why It Matters When Asian Women Leave TV Shows

As we know women are often ignored or portratyed stereotypically in the media. This especially rings true with women of color. This article highlights the issue. There is a significant lack of representation for Asian women in TV.


23 Inspiring Feminist Digital Campaigns That Changed the World

Article by Elizabeth Plank celebrating the feminist actions that have made differences in our society